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Kakababu series has a total of 36 novels.

The main character of kakababu series is kakababu who is handicapped. His real name is Raja Roychowdhury.

He lost his leg in an accident. Although he lost his leg, still he is very strong mentally and physically. He is very good at shooting and swimming.

Free Book Download Store: Kakababu Samagra (All 7 pats) By Sunil Gangopadhyay

He solves crime cases and travels to different parts of the world with his nephew Shontu. Shontu is the nephew and companion serids Kakababu in his adventures.


His real name is Sunanda Roychowdhury. He is very intelligent and excellent in athletic skills. Kakababu Samagra Part-1 [File Size: Kakababu Samagra Part-2 [File Size: Kakababu Samagra Part-3 [File Size: Kakababu Samagra Part-4 [File Size: Kakababu Samagra Part-5 [File Size: Kakababu Samagra Part-6 [File Size: Kakababu Samagra Part-7 [File Size: Do you like this post?

Kakababu Series All 7 Volumes 1.

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Kakababu Samagra All Parts By Sunil Gangopadhyay

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