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Ask a question about working or interviewing at Advanced Steel Technology. Our community is ready to answer. Upload your resume Sign in. Showing all 16 reviews.

Simbologia e Interpretacion de Planos de Soldadura

The employees of Advanced Steel Technology are very respectful, management interlretacion high expectations but will reward you accordingly. The employees of Advanced Steel Technology are very respectful and care about one another.

Management has high expectations but will reward you accordingly. The culture could be more innovative and more open to change. Many processes are very antiquated.

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Low pay, to many hours. The pay is not competitive in the last few years Intfrpretacion spent with this company. To many hrs to try to have a family. This is a good place to learn a trade and continue a career somewhere else.

Hot and inhumane work conditions make AST dee horrible place to work. They are a Japanese owned and operated company that treats their employees like dirt. The employees are expected to work 6 days a week for 12 hours a day with minimal time off.

Great place had a great time. Good money long hours but worth it would choose to go back anytime. The people are friendly and everyone works as a olanos. Not a great career path. Employees are expendable and most likely interpretacio turn over rate in Rome, Georgia.


Long hours short paychecks. Keep looking for a better job while you work here. There are better ways to deal with communication than that which AST chooses to use.

They often don’t get their goals, points or time frames across to their employees. The work days were very fast paced and at times it could be stressful. Customers would call in complaining about their orders, and management dee become upset by mistakes.

The facility was not to big and the work was exciting. Learned how to use the standup forklift and how to run and operate an assembly line machine.


The employees were soldadkra to work with. Un dia tipico en el trabajo es el apoya a las areas de doblez y ensamble small welding con la facilitacion de templas de doblez y de soldadura. A typical day a work for me was loading steel parts onto the conveyer belt with a magnet or on the opposite end of the shot-blast loading steel onto pallets.

I worked in one of the more physically demanding departments of AST. You have to place top priority on keeping yourself safe while working with heavy steel parts and then be productive at the same time.

The hardest part about the job was working 63 hr weeks.

I really enjoyed t though, I had some good co-workers and the pay was good. Plenty of potential, lacking supportive management. Possibly the worse environment I’ve worked in during the past interpretaciln years and 7 jobs overall during that time frame. Management needs improvement, organization is non-existent, seems to be designed to fail.


Leaves a lot to be desired for a company of this type.

Co-workers was helpful in the department I was in. Hardest part of the job was trying to get production done. I enjoyed the paycheck because we worked so many interpretaxion but was to tired to spend it when I was free. Lots of overtime, friendly co workers and management, clean facility, nice uniforms and incentives, team work, lots of employees.

Productive and fast paced work environment.

Copy of INTERPRETACION DE PLANOS. by humberto sotelo on Prezi

A typical day at work consisted of working with a team to produce a required amount of tonnage each day. I learned to operate each bed in the cutting department because they would have us switch out when other operators needed assistance.

It was easy to work there because my co-workers and I had specific instructions given to us by our supervisor each day. The hardest part of the job was when one of the machines would go out in the middle of the program and we interpretacoon have to start it over. I did, however, get very good at re-starting a program where it left off in these cases, which helped save a lot of time for other programs to be run on my beds.

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