d’Euclide; glwiki Elementos de Euclides; hewiki יסודות (ספר); hiwiki एलिमेन्ट्स (यूक्लिड); hrwiki Elementi (Euklid); huwiki Elemek; hywiki Սկզբունքներ. i dr.n. Sačuvana dela su: “Elementi” (geometrija kao nauka o prostoru) u 13 knjiga.• Euklid je poznati grčki matematičar iz Atine. “Optika” (s teorijom perspektive). Euklid je pokušao da izlaganje bude strogo deduktivno i upravo zbog te doslednosti Elementi su vekovima smatrani najsavršenijim matematičkim delom. Mnoge.

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More recent scholarship suggests a date of 75— AD.

Elements – Wikidata

AlexandriaHellenistic Egypt. Although many of the results in Elements originated with earlier mathematicians, one of Euclid’s accomplishments was to present them in a single, logically coherent framework, making it easy to use and easy to reference, including a system of rigorous mathematical proofs that remains the basis of mathematics 23 centuries later. The Elements of Euclid not only was the earliest major Greek mathematical work to come down to us, but also the most influential textbook of all times.

Bedientpage A Short Account of the History of Mathematics 4th ed. Not to be confused with Euclid of Megara. For other uses, see Euclid disambiguation. elemsnti

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In Heath, Thomas L. A History of Mathematics 2nd ed.

Much of the material is not original to him, although many of the proofs are his. Mathematicians and philosophers, such as Thomas HobbesBaruch SpinozaAlfred North Whiteheadand Bertrand Russellhave attempted to create their own foundational “Elements” for their respective disciplines, by adopting the axiomatized deductive structures that Euclid’s work introduced.

In ancient times it was not uncommon to attribute to a celebrated author works that were not by him; thus, some versions of Euclid’s Elements include a fourteenth and elementl a fifteenth book, both shown by later scholars to be apocryphal. Pages with citations lacking titles Webarchive template wayback links CS1 maint: Proclus introduces Euclid only briefly elemeti his Commentary on the Elements. There is no mention of Euclid in the earliest remaining copies of the Elementsand most of the copies say they are “from the edition of Theon ” or the “lectures of Theon”, [18] while the text considered to be primary, elemeti by the Vatican, mentions no author.


A detailed biography of Euclid is given by Flementi authors, mentioning, for example, a birth town of Tyre. It has proven instrumental in the development of logic and modern scienceand its logical rigor was not surpassed until the 19th century.

The first printed edition appeared in based on Campanus of Novara ‘s edition[13] and since then it has been translated into many languages and published in about a thousand different editions. In historical context, it has proven enormously influential in many areas of science.

This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat This page was last edited on 7 Julyat Euclid’s Elements has been referred to as the most successful [1] [2] and influential [3] textbook ever written. These additions, which often distinguished themselves from the main text depending on the manuscriptgradually accumulated over time as opinions varied upon what was worthy of explanation or further study.

This biography is generally believed to be fictitious. Later editors have interpolated Euclid’s implicit axiomatic assumptions in the list of formal axioms. Euclid Elements Book 3 Proposition 35 a. As was common in ancient mathematical texts, when a proposition needed proof in several different cases, Euclid often proved only one of them often the most difficultleaving the others to the reader.

Wilson, Scribes and Scholars 2nd. Elements is the oldest extant large-scale deductive treatment of epementi. If superposition is to be considered a valid method of geometric proof, all of geometry would be full of eukld proofs.

Scholars believe that the Elements is largely a compilation of propositions based on books by earlier Greek mathematicians. A History of Western Philosophy.

Later editors such as Theon often interpolated their own proofs of these cases. Wikisource has original works written by or about: Then, the ‘proof’ itself follows. However, this hypothesis is not well accepted by scholars and there is little evidence in its favor.


Euklid/sö – Wikiwand

The presentation of each result is given in a stylized form, which, although not invented by Euclid, is recognized as typically classical. Such analyses ekulid conducted by J. Not until the 20th century, by which time its content was universally taught through other school textbooks, did it cease to be considered something all educated people had read.

The books cover plane and solid Euclidean geometryelementary number theoryand incommensurable lines. In other projects Wikimedia Ekementi Wikiquote Wikisource. The Elements of Euclid. Timeline of ancient Greek mathematicians. Houghton – Euclid, Elements Arabic The only reference that historians rely on of Euclid having written the Elements was from Proclus, who briefly in his Commentary on the Elements ascribes Euclid as its author.

Cyrene Library of Alexandria Platonic Academy. Here, the original figure is extended to forward the proof. SarmaHelaine Selined. Archived from the original on 10 June People List of ancient Greeks. The austere beauty of Euclidean geometry has been seen by many in western culture as elemeenti glimpse of euklod otherworldly system of perfection and certainty.

Euclidean geometry Euclid’s Elements Euclidean algorithm. Euclid Elements Book 1 Proposition 3. As teachers at elemehti school he called a band of leading scholars, among whom was the author of the most fabulously successful mathematics textbook ever written — the Elements Stoichia of Euclid.

It considers the connection between perfect numbers and Mersenne primes known as the Euclid—Euler theoremthe infinitude of prime numbersEuclid’s lemma on factorization which leads to the fundamental theorem of arithmetic on uniqueness of prime factorizationsand the Euclidean algorithm for finding the greatest common divisor of two numbers.