Works of Frederick Engels A Critique of the Draft Social-Democratic Program of Written: June 18 and 29 ; First Published: .. Erfurt Program. Das Erfurter Programm (German Edition) – Kindle edition by Karl Kautsky. bereitete er zusammen mit August Bebel und Eduard Bernstein das Erfurter. The Erfurt Program of the German Social Democratic Party (). The SPD adopted the following program soon after the repeal of Bismarck’s Anti-Socialist Law.

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The last two phrases repeat the same thing. Citing articles via Google Scholar. MECW Volume 27, p. Self-determination and self-government of the people in Reich, state, province, and municipality.

They do not need to be destroyed, but only to be further developed. They cannot be prohibited from forming their srfurter schools out of their own funds and from teaching their own nonsense in them. Far from society being simplified as to its divisions compared with earlier times, it has been graduated and differentiated both in respect of incomes and of business activities.

Fall — History — Professor Patch. Email alerts New issue alert. Free administration of justice and free legal assistance. It is not a question of renouncing the so-called right of revolution, this purely speculative right which can be put in no paragraph of a constitution and which no statute book can prohibit, this right which will last as long as the law of nature forces us to die if we abandon programj right to breathe.

He published his findings in in a book that caused uproar within the labor movement and gave birth to “Revisionist” socialism. In conclusion I should like to request that the draft be compared once more with the French programme where some things seem better precisely for Section III.

For years to come the proogramm would always have a majority, for only a single black sheep among the workers would be needed to achieve this.

Abolition of all indirect state and local taxes, duties, etc. However, the question of the republic could possibly be passed by. Inheritance tax, graduated according to the size of the prkgramm and the degree of kinship.

Erfurt Program

Fearing a renewal of the Anti-Socialist Law, or recalling all manner of over-hasty pronouncements made during the reign of that law, they now want the party to find the present legal order in Germany adequate for putting through all party demands by peaceful means. The program declared the imminent death of capitalism and the necessity of socialist ownership of the means of production. Feudalism, with its unbending organisations and corporations, had to be destroyed nearly everywhere by violence.


The economic subjugation of the worker by the appropriator of the means of labour, that is to say, of the means of livelihood, conditioned thereby, is the basis of slavery in all its forms: In the generally unstable conditions these questions may become urgent at any time and what will happen then if they have not been discussed by us beforehand and no agreement has been reached on them?

If one thing is certain it is that our party and the working class can only come to power under the form of a democratic republic.

The emancipation of the working class is thus a task in which the workers of all civilized countries are equally involved. First and foremost, it has to conquer room for movement, to abolish the massive survivals of feudalism and absolutism, in short, to do the work which the German bourgeois parties were and still are too cowardly to carry out.

Programma di Erfurt

The resignation of Bismarck a year earlier and the expiration of the Anti-Socialist Law had ended a state-sanctioned policy of persecution against the party. And, once we have turned to 18911 subject of big landowners, should we ignore the colossal survivals of feudalism, which give the whole filthy business of German politics its specific prograamm character? Being pressed for time, I unfortunately cannot search for the Wrfurter programme, which is also very good in many respects.

Nowhere more so than in Germany does the right of association require guarantees also from the state. I would leave mines Bergwerkewhich is a word used even in the most level parts of the country, and I would designate them all by this widely used term.

It would progarmm inconceivable for our best people to become egfurter under an emperor, as Miquel. Production by separate entrepreneurs, which is increasingly becoming an exception. The State and Revolution. What should be said here, has already been said earlier, and it is unnecessary to mention specifically that the demand for the whole includes every separate part, erfueter this, to my mind, weakens the ervurter.

Are they a third class of individual owners? So, then, a unified republic. Their number increases both relatively and absolutely. To touch on that is dangerous, however. Abolition of all indirect taxes, customs, and other politico-economic measures that sacrifice the interests of the whole community to the interests of a favored minority.


Recognizing this, the German Social Democratic Party feels and declares itself to be one with the class-conscious workers of all other countries. To shape this battle of the working class into a conscious and united effort, and to show it its naturally necessary end, is the object of the social-democratic party.

In its struggle for Universal, equal, direct suffrage and franchise, with direct ballot, for all members of the Empire over twenty years of age, without distinction of sex, for all elections and acts of voting.

The Erfurt Program

The draft programme was criticised by Friedrich Engels for its opportunist, non-Marxist views on the state in a criticism sent by Engels to Kautsky on 29 June And when we pass on from joint-stock companies to trusts, which dominate and monopolise whole branches of industry, this puts an end not only to private production but also to planlessness. Whether or not it is possible to formulate other programme demands in connection with the points discussed above, I am less able to judge here than you can over there.

Fixing of a normal working day with a maximum of eight hours. No charges to be made for instruction, school requisites, and maintenance in the public primary schools; nor in the higher educational institutions for those students, male and female, who by virtue of their capacities are considered fit for further training.

Free education, free educational materials, and free meals in the public Volksschulenas well as at higher educational institutions for those boys and girls considered qualified for further education by virtue of their abilities. Related articles in Google Scholar. The private ownership of the means of production, once the means for securing for the producer the ownership of his product, has today become the means for expropriating farmers, artisans, and small merchants, and for putting the non-workers — capitalists, large landowners — into possession of the product of the workers.

Two points distinguish a union state from a completely unified state: