Erect shrubs with unbranched globose leafsheaths formed into a pseudostem of cm diam. Leaves spirally arranged, 3 x m, oblong, entire with. Ensete superbum, or cliff banana, is native to India and has a conical pseudo- stem made up of overlapping leaf sheaths. Its bright green leaves. Ensete superbum. This beautiful, very large ornamental banana from India has a bottle-shaped, blueish, waxy (pseudo-)trunk and enormous leaves. It is suitable.

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Indian J traditional knowledge. Several mechanisms have been postulated for the progression of diabetic nephropathy including advanced glycation end products accumulation that stimulate mesangial cells to produce extracellular matrix ECMoxidative stress, acceleration of the polyol pathway, and hemodynamic changes. Histopathological findings of the kidneys Ensetee 2 revealed that STZ induced diabetic rats have degenerated renal corpuscles, glomerular hypertrophy, mesangial expansion, and hypercellularity.

This monocarpic, herbaceous ensetr is a wonderful specimen in any garden. The degree of renal hypertrophy was expressed as the ratio of the weight of the two kidneys to the total body weight.

The protective effects are, possibly, due to the decline in the free radical generation.

Smithsonian Authors crawfordk smithsoniangardens. Keeping in view the protective effect of E. You are commenting using your WordPress.

Ensete superbum

It supsrbum published material or suggestions from the author or others. Join other followers. Enumerates geographic entities where the taxon lives. While the kidneys of normal rats and normal rats treated with extract showed normal kidney morphology, kidneys of diabetic rats treated with E.


I’ve always liked how ensetes look like wnsete shuttlecocks, kinda like birds nest ferns! The fruit is 15 cm long and roughly triangular in section with dark brown spherical seeds. Pathologic classification of diabetic nephropathy. What a helpful profile!

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Agerguard N, Jense PJ. Oxidative stress influences the pathogenesis of DN not only through overproduction of ROS but also through the enxete of antioxidant enzyme activities, the formation of lipid peroxides, and non-enzymatic protein glycosylation.

Since hyperglycemia-mediated oxidative stress seems to be the main cause of diabetic complications 2930an ideal antidiabetic drug should combine both hypoglycemic and antioxidant properties. Attenuation of renal dysfunction by anti-hyperglycemic compound isolated from fruit pulp of Eugenia jambolana in streptozotocin-induced diabetic rats. Ratio of kidney weights to body weight of various groups of rats was calculated to assess the renal hypertrophy.


Strict insulin therapy normalizes organ nitrogen contents and the capacity of urea nitrogen synthesis in experimental diabetes in rats. The trunk is about 2 m high. The clinical information value of the glycosylated hemoglobin assay. July 7, at 7: Indian rural and folklore ethnomedicinal practices include usage of numerous relatively unidentified medicinal plants with scientifically non-characterized pharmacological activities.

At the base of the inflorescence are present female flowers, followed by the male ones in the terminal part. The dried extract was suspended in distilled water and used for experimental study. Status and potential of wild edible plants of Arunachal Pradesh.


Links Follow us on Pinterest! If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. The leaves, on a deeply grooved petiole, are simple, entire, oblong-lanceolate, 1, m long and cm broad, of bright green colour.

J Am Soc Nephrol. The reduction in tissue GSH could be the result of increased degradation of GSH by oxidative stress or decreased synthesis in diabetes Cheesman an important taxon in India is threatened in Maharashtra. You can see it for a limited time just inside the west entrance to the garden, close to the entrance to the S.

Ensete superbum | Smithsonian Gardens

STZ induced diabetes triggered a significant damage in renal structure showing glomeruli and tubular damages, mesangial expansion due probably to the generation of reactive radicals and to subsequent lipid peroxidation. The hard outer coverings of seeds were removed.

Determination of progressive renal disease in diabetes mellitus.

During DM, the excess glucose existing in the blood reacts with hemoglobin to form HbA1c. Drug regimens currently available for management of DM have certain drawbacks and therefore, there is a requirement for safer and more effective antidiabetic drugs, which are products that naturally contain compounds conferring health benefits. Haupt EhsetehorticultureplantsSmithsoniantropical. Diabetes Mellitus DM is skperbum debilitating and often life-threatening disorder with increasing incidence throughout the world 1.