Blendùng d’Elias Canetti. Fiseherle est analysé sous deux angles prmcipaux: premièrement, il est perçu comme un personnage extrêmement mumé et assoCIé. Blendung, This thesis investigates the role of Fischerle in Elias Canetti’s novel Die Blendung. Fischerle is examined from two main points of view: first he is seen . Elias Canetti was a remarkable writer, but he was recently vilified for his of the still unsung pre-war masterpiece Die Blendung or Auto-da-Fé.

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The characters are by no means three-dimensional, except perhaps Georg.

Auto-da-Fé (novel) – Wikipedia

I rather liked the character, Kien. He encounters a deformed dwarf, Fischerle, who professes to be the world chess champion.

He publishes an article or two every few years, to the delight of the larger European academic community.

Canetti must have won the Prize based on his other writings, though few of them have been translated into English. In a way, each character represents the totalitarian mindset, always to their bitter undoing.

I wish there was an additional star or something, for books that you can see are good, but just does not suit your tastes.

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Jonathan Spence observes that “there is nothing discreet, chaste, or high minded about the finest and wildest of all fictions that centre on a student of China, Canetti’s Auto-da-fe. Canetti, as everyone called him, and his wife Veza lived in proud and not-so-genteel poverty after arriving from Nazi-run Vienna in the aftermath of the Kristallnacht in January Would you like to tell us about a lower price? One reason he lived in obscurity was that he wanted his work to last.


When he sees that she treats it with greater deference even than he, he decides to marry her, imagining that his library is in very good hands.

dictionary :: Die Blendung [Elias Canetti] :: German-English translation

He holds books at a higher value than human life, and becomes obsessed with the protection of his library, which he fancies the largest private library in the city:. But Kein was surreptitiously contemplating the skirt Needless to say, it was not enough to save it. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

But I guess there are readers of reviews who’s only interest in life is to flag other reviews. Soon he had the creature stark naked on the ground, a miserable fleck of fraudulent slime, not an animal at all.

It is Canetti’s first publication. I found the book very confusing, mainly because it was really difficult to separate what events and conversations were taking place in the minds of the characters and which were real. It’s an blendun perspective, blednung thankfully the situation mostly doesn’t appear to be quite this bad.

In this purgatory he is guided by a chess-playing dwarf of evil propensities, until he is eventually restored to his home.

Bayley himself calls his immediate predecessor for his wife’s affections “the primal power figure. Blednung he recognised too much of himself in the domineering young Brecht, his portrait of him in The Torch in my Ear could be a form of self-caricature. Write a customer review. I understand that Canetti was better known for his non-fiction and it was presumably that work which bagged him the Nobel prize.


While they continue to eat well, their houseguests are given half-rotten vegetables cooked in nothing but water, a culinary failing which seems to offend the story’s narrator nearly as much as the black worms she finds sharing her meal one day.

The novel begins with a conversation between Kien and a schoolboy in the street, who shows keen interest in Chinese texts. Get to Know Us.

Her skirt was a part of her, as the mussel shell is a part of the mussel I might come back to it one day, so I’ve marked my place, but for now, it’ll stay half-unread.

In a few parts this is well done – Canetti manages to show the lunacy of his characters in an original manner, where I was delighted by the flow eliae the prose.

Maybe that makes me some kind of philistine, but what the hell. But his amusement is short-lived and he finds “every way to love was blocked for me by her dream”. Streckenweise ein seltsames Buch, was die Skurrilitaet der Figuren aber weitgehend wieder wettzumachen vermag. As a whole, reading Auto da Fe was a frustrating and – for long stretches – frankly tedious experience. He immediately regrets the invitation and when the boy comes, Kien’s housekeeper, Therese, boots the boy out of the apartment.