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Published on June 2, cyprus mail. In an interview published in Kibris newspaper, Ozersay claimed elektronuge was increasing talk in EU diplomatic circles that allowing a divided Cyprus to assume the EU presidency would jeopardise the chances of gaining Greek Cypriot support for a solution. Apart from those who marry a Cypriot, have Cypriot ancestry or were born here, we oppose the granting of citizenship.

Because the majority of Turkish Cypriots are also Cypriot and EU citizens, marrying a Turkish Cypriot gains mainlanders access to the government-controlled areas and the EU in general. This form of ID would give immigrants rights of residency and the right to vote in municipal elections.

It would however stop short of full citizenship. He also sought to convince opposition parties that an amnesty on illegal immigration and employment would be the only way to regularise those still operating off the record. It could lead to a big rush of applications, but in what way is that the fault of these citizens? Opposition Republican Turkish Party CTP deputy Abbas Sinay however attacked plans to allow more immigration and naturalisation of mainland Turks by saying that introducing a new law on immigration to the north while negotiations to grii the island were ongoing would only weaken the hand of the Turkish Cypriot side.

According to recently published Cyprus government statistics, there are just under 90, indigenous Turkish Cypriots on Cyprus. Turkish Cypriot statistics put the figure at aroundKate Clerides visits Rauf Denktash. Leaving after 35 minutes, Clerides said she wished Denktash, guri is suffering from respiratory problems following a stroke, a speedy recovery. She reminded journalists that her father, who is 93 and unable to visit, spent many years working with Denktash.

Serdar Denktash was quoted in Turkish Cypriot press saying while common folk from the south had visited his father, Kate Clerides was the first political person to do so. He welcomed the gesture and the message given on behalf of eldktronige father. Green Line trade falls. The report on the GLR reveals that irregular migration across the Green Line has been reduced, decreasing to 1, apprehended persons.

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However, trade across the Green Line during the eight month reporting period fell by 1. In addition, new funds from the budget have been set aside. According to a Commission press release, the opening of the Limnitis crossing point and the launch of a documentary on the Committee on Missing Persons were key events of the programme last year.

The Commission has to report to the Council on an annual basis on the implementation of the Regulation and the situation resulting from its application. As stated in previous reports, the overall conclusion is that it continues to provide a workable basis for allowing the passage of persons and goods to and from the government-controlled areas of the Republic of Cyprus.

Control of authorised crossing points is assessed as satisfactory. By Simon BahceliPublished on June 3, cyprus mail. According to a statement by the Turkish agricultural ministry in Ankara, the three Russian tour guides were among a group of 21 that were hospitalised after drinking counterfeit alcohol served aboard a cruise ship that sailed out of the southern Turkish resort of Bodrum on May Two of the tour guides died of what appeared to be methanol poisoning in Turkey, while a third died after returning to Russia.

The ministry said it believed the drinks served aboard the cruise liner were among 12, bottles that had been imported from the north. But Turkish Cypriot alcohol producers were adamant yesterday that the drinks could not have originated from the handful of producers in the north.

According to a report by the Turkish Anatolian New Agency yesterday, the drinks were sold under the names Eagle Blow vodka and gin, Raki 7 raki ouzo and Mr. Burdon whisky, Anatolia said. Turkish officials were also trying to trace bottles of Blu-Energizer and Dragon energy drinks that were served on the ship along with the. Last night, Anatolia reported that bottles of the lethal drinks were still being studies by the state coroner.

Turkish Cypriots to investigate police torture. It is the first time that the Turkish Cypriot police, who remain under the command of the Turkish military, have faced any form of external scrutiny. While in custody, the suspect was said to have received severe beatings from police to his arms, back, legs and buttocks.


In a second case, a Turkish man wrongly accused of child molestation suffered severe internal injuries when police inserted a baton into his anus. According to Cakici, the man has since had to be fitted with a colostomy device.

Other incidences of police malpractice, such as not allowing suspects access to a lawyer, were rife, according to Cakici. Colak added that attempts by the KTIHV to instigate enquiries by elektrnoige police over their elektrohige had been met with silence in all but one case. The Mediterranean Institute of Gender studies MIGS made several other suggestions to tackle human trafficking and the rampant sex tourism industry in both north and south, including making legislation on trafficking gender specific and having an independent organisation, like MIGS, monitor and evaluate the National Action Plan on Trafficking.

For example, according to the MIGS survey, all 20 respondents aged of 18 to 70 had visited a prostitute at least once in their lives and their recollections reveal the ubiquity of prostitutes throughout the island. One interviewee from the south reportedly told MIGS his barber arranges girls for him, while another said a girl came free with two bottles of champagne.

In the north of the island, a thriving sex tourism industry has been set up to cater for Turkish ellektronige tourists, who are typically older businessmen travelling in groups from Istanbul. Firstly it is cheap – with online pimps offering package deals including air fares, taxis, drinks and sexual services more cheaply than just the sexual services in Istanbul. The second main reason for choosing the north is the slack policing compared to Istanbul, where clients run the risk of police raids or, as demonstrated earlier this year, clandestine video cameras.

They come mostly for fun.

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Another surprising fact about prostitution, according to research cited by MIGS, is that one in five people trafficked for sexual exploitation is male. Asked why their research did not interview any customers of male prostitutes, MIGS Director Suzanna Pavlou said the focus of their organisation was on female trafficked prostitutes, that men were mostly trafficked for labour and that prostitution was a gendered phenomenon.

As one interviewee said: I viri to enjoy what I pay for. In the coming weeks MIGS will launch a video campaign to raise awareness about human trafficking for sexual exploitation, and possibly hold an awareness event. Taxi drivers at Larnaca airport, aided by government officials, were on the lookout yesterday for any illegal pick-ups after promises from the communications minister that they will put an end to the practice.

The taxi drivers held a meeting with Communications Minister, Erato Kozakou Marcoullis, who was keen to show that the ministry was responsive to their woes. They found very little untoward by late elektronite yesterday with only three complaints made. One potentially suspicious case involved an employee of a Limassol-based hotel who arrived at Larnaca airport to pick up two tourists.

Taxi drivers have said they are on alert for any suspicious activity and have not ruled out the prospect of more protests, if the situation does not change. In the meantime, Marcoullis elektroige all those concerned to let her ministry continue its monitoring job. He said the UN team was currently canvassing the views of both leaders on how they think this can be done. Responding to questions, Downer clarified that the UN has yet to finalise the content of the tripartite meeting between Ban and the two leaders on July 7.

Both sides have to feel comfortable with the way forward, said Downer, adding: The UN diplomat said everybody was aware of the issues elektrronige the table after almost three years of negotiations. Asked whether Ban planned to announce the convening of an international conference after the meeting, Downer said the UN team had yet to conclude what recommendations they would make to the SG, noting however, that he would make up his own mind on how to handle the meeting.

The Australian diplomat pointed out that the Greek Cypriot position on an international conference was very clear, that the internal issues of a settlement had to be largely dealt with before it could be held. Christofias has also made it clear that until he knows how many Turkish settlers will leave the island post-solution and how much territory will come under the Greek Cypriot constituent state, he cannot reach biri on the property chapter.


Failure to do so raises further doubts as to the timing of an international conference.

Downer also met with Eroglu yesterday afternoon. It’s a tribute to Turkey’s growing influence in the world that quite so much notice is being taken of its parliamentary elections on Sunday.

It’s a reflection of the way the West still views the country that its media are adopting such pronounced stands on what ought to be the result. The voters, seems to be the consensus, should reject Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s call for a third decisive victory and trammel his overweening ambition by depriving him of his overall majority in the parliament. Do that, or at the very least deny him the two-thirds majority he seeks to change the constitution giving new powers to the President whom, he hopes, will be himself.

You can understand the worries about Turkey’s immensely successful, and self-confident, Prime Minister. Having won two successive gkri, in andand taken on the shadowy military networks of the Ergenekon or “Deep State” which caused so much fear and oppression in the past, the Turkish Prime Ministers is showing signs of impatience with any criticism.

The measures introduced to imprison the generals and admirals have more recently been applied to writers and politicians who have volubly opposed the Government and investigated its corruption. But then there’s been many a leader in Western democracies who have shown just the same symptoms after a decade in power — Tony Blair and Maggie Thatcher to name hiri two. The question in Turkey is whether government arrogance is the product of too many years travelling in ministerial cars or whether it represents something more sinister, a plot to remove any alternative power bases and to dismantle the secular structures erected by the founder of modern Turkey, Kemal Ataturk.

You can argue it both ways. But in criticising Erdogan’s growing assertiveness, it is easy to forget just what opposition he initially faced from the Ergenekon, or how often Turkish democracy has been overthrown by the military.

The constitution the Prime Minister now wants to revise radically is the constitution written by the military after their coup in The country elekhronige needs a new framework for a contemporary world, as even the government critics concede.

Whether his AKP gains the majority necessary to do the rewriting without a referendum awaits the result of Sunday’s vote. It may well be preferable if it did not and Erdogan still had to take his plans to a referendum vote when they could be more widely and vigorously srutinised. The opinion eoektronige, however, suggest that he will get his way.

As Tony Blair found, there’s nothing like a consistent record of economic growth to keep you in power. Like the Labour Party after Thatcher, giti been decimated in the last elections, the CHP is reinventing itself as a social democrat party concerned with freedom and the poor. To that extent we are witnessing a new era of post-Ergenekon politics in Turkey.

What is missing within is a proper debate and action on the crucial Kurdish question. What is missing outside Turkey is an EU ready to receive it. If we are really worried about what sort of new constitution will be developed after the election, we could help to influence it by offering speedier accession.

Who is on Assad’s side now? How the world is twisting and turning as it tries to respond to the unfolding of the Arab Spring. In the old days all eyes would be on Washington and how it might be manipulating the outcomes. But now the US seems as uncertain as everyone else what hiri do or whether, indeed, it can do much at all. Even Saudi Arabia, always the defender of the status quo, seems at a loss how precisely elektromige play the Yemeni question.

With Bahrain it knew who its enemies were — the Shia, republicans and Iran. With Yemen it wants to preserve the status quo ante but is terrified that it may be caught out by events. Only a week or so ago, most of the outside world knew where it stood. It disapproved of what the Assad regime was doing but it wasn’t prepared to do anything about it.

Indeed most countries secretly hoped President Assad would stay but moderate the activities of his family.