Gough Econ is the world’s only licensed manufacturer of Elecon bucket convyor, a multi-axis bucket conveyor system that can move product in any direction. BULK MATERIAL HANDLING CONVEYORS & BUCKET ELEVATORS The Elecon is the world’s only bucket conveyor that can move materials in any direction. A mid-size Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system from Gough Econ has been introduced with a larger capacity bucket design for higher throughput and.

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This is done without having to transfer the load being conveyed. Our sanitary designs, with ease of access for cleaning, will help you achieve SQF and other food safety protocols.

The mid-size Elecon can convey material in three different directions: When you eliminate heavy lifting, you prevent potential employee injuries and increase OSHA compliance.

Our comprehensive bulk-material handling equipment from concept to solution improves and adds value to elefon step of fonveyor production process in turn increasing efficiency and profitability. Content from other channels on our network New Wiring Rules become mandatory from 1 January Electrical workers fail to use independent earth for polarity testing ‘Women in Electrical Trades Roadmap’ launched Machine learning saves time for elexon ‘Sun in a box’ could power a small city.

Let our expert engineers of integrated systems and bulk material handling equipment do the work.


The features you need are heavily dependent upon the type of products you produce and what you need to achieve. Industrial vs commercial ethernet. Bucket conveying systems offer solid solutions in the transportation of bulk material. How to kill pathogens on seafood Open your mind to packaging innovations Brewery finds itself ahead of user requests Flour dust goes to court — and loses How essential is shelf stacking? Gough Econ has the experience, expertise, and customer satisfaction track record for providing the state-of-the-art systems you need to increase your production efficiency and profitability.


Buckets are constructed of polypropylene.

In turn, you can reduce your overhead and make more profit. The Elecon system is engineered to match the quantity and capacity of materials you need the conveying system coveyor move in a given time, while easily integrating into and around existing facility parameters.

You need a proven solution that delivers quality and precision in any environment. Our wide range of products offer the most innovative, dependable and efficient bulk material handling solutions. Contact us directly to learn more about how our innovative automation products and solutions are guaranteed to save you time and money.

While you assess the type of bucket conveyor system that is right for your specific needs, there are other options you want to evaluate. It also lets users fit the conveyor within their production facility instead of modifying their facility to accommodate the material handling system.

At Gough Econ we offer total system integration from concept to conclusion to best fit your bulk handling needs.


Made of folded steel, the panels can be enclosed with steel or Lexan panels or they can be left open with the tubes exposed. How to use a membrane patch colorimetry field test kit.


From Concept to Solution. A well-maintained system increases the life of the equipment and improves safety. Gough Econ is committed to delivering the highest level of service to every customer — no matter if your production is big or small.

Your goal is to choose a conveying system that can improve your production, cut costs, and meet your industry requirements. For example, the Elecon bucket conveyor system is conevyor to delicately handle your products covered with seasoning.

Industrial applications range from handling catalyst to chemicals, fertiliser, metal powders, carbon black, battery powders, coal, sand and coin blanks.

Our state-of-the-art production facilities include ultramodern lean manufacturing unit located in picturesque surroundings, which eleco portrays the visions of our founder Late Shri Bhanubhai Patel and his life’s work.

Gough Econ Elecon bucket conveyor and elevator system

Available in various sizes and configurations —from vibratory conveyors to slider bed belt conveyors to custom bucket conveyors— the bulk material handling solutions are endless. Gough Econ can provide a system that gently handles your fragile materials without slowing down production timetables. Gough Econ focuses on engineering a bucket conveyor design that meets your production specifications to help your operations run smoothly and successfully.

No matter the industry, Gough Econ develops and designs state-of-the-art equipment systems for production connveyor in everything from salt handling to live ammunition. Elecon with Multi-Axis Capabilities Details. Leverage our years of expertise and commitment to exceed your expectations.