Drewries acordes – Your consent to cookies if continue use this website. Edson Lopes Interm Intermed edi rio BACH Johann Sebastian Jesus. Lyrics for Drewries accordes by Sol y Luna Guitar Duo. Lyrics for Drewries accordes by Anonymous, Jakob Lindberg & Paul O’Dette.

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Audio and video recordings of works from the renaissance to the baroque period, from to e. Composer’s surname, forename – catalogue no. Title – tags if known e.

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It is accoddes where I would like it to be, but here’s a taste: I will see if we can post the finished one later. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. What is more beautiful than one guitar playing? You and your friend have certainly proven this to be true on this piece.

Isn’t it interesting how sometimes when you hear a piece it just says “Renaissance”? This one dresries does make me think of musicians playing lutes at a dance.

It’s too drewriess that we don’t know the composer. I love this piece and you and your friend have given us a wonderful performance.

What does the title &quot -Drewries Accordes&quot – mean or refer to? – Classical Guitar

Thanks to both of you for making this recording for us to enjoy. Accoedes touches the heart, but playing classical guitar can lift your heart and enrich your life. Thank you all very much. I hope to record this piece again and will post it when we ‘jam’ again.


This is very nice. I agree with Kay – whenever I hear this piece I think of castles and ladies-in-waiting and all the rest! I’ve been working on this piece also as a duet and it’s wonderful to hear your interpretation, I like how you’ve given different feelings to some of the little melodic lines.

We’ve decided to memorize the piece and try to play it without the scores – it’s been more challenging than I thought it would be! I memorized my part ok, but it was quite a bit acccordes to play as a duet with memorized music than I thought it would be.

Misc Traditional Drewries Accordes Duet

I played this piece in college and have recently brought it back with my duo partner. I qccordes your use of ornamentation. Board index All times are UTC.