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Did you miss your activation email? This topic This board Entire forum Google News: In which country diabolo is most popular in? Marko VotW Contributor Thanks: It is so if you believe in Google trends. It seems that the country that searches most often word “diabolo” is actually Finland.

When i first saw this in Finnish forum i was flabbergasted. And still can’t believe it.

Here are the facts: Compared to other country’s that is. Next is Belgium, then Austria Everyone had them, you could go to any type market and get one, grocery stores, open air markets, small family run businesses, sporting good stores, everyone had them. The fad lasted about a year as with most things, I think the fad before diabolos was tamagotchi.

So number wise Ecuador probably had the most number of people that played diabolo at one point in time. I obviously could be completely wrong, but as i remember it every guy in my school had one and all my friends outside of school did too. The popularity of it in Ecuador is what first made me learn of diabolo, but like others i left it behind, then i came to the US and decided to youtube diabolo and thats when i saw the first diabolo.

Since I found this forum I’ve never needed to google diabolo.

I diaboll is the case for all other established diaboloists. This therefore leads me to the conclusion that seeing as England isn’t even in the diaoblo 10, we’re all wise and knowledgable diaboloists that don’t need to google diabolo since we know this forum exists The age of the Finnish elite you know who you are also backs my theory considering how godlike they are for their age. Maybe they’ve found untapped resources through googling that we don’t know of I wonder what factor is at play there.


Here are the current stats for the forum: I think in Oldenburg, which is near Bremen there is a online weekly newspaper, called www. The popularity in Finland thing doesn’t surprise me, there seems to be loads of you guys! But yeah I’d say the majority on this forum seem to diaboloo Brits!

Crackers VotW Contributor Thanks: I’m not surprised at all. Crackers on February 25, It’d be interesting to know the figures from the other major diabolo forums too.

Mox/ Diabolo

Surely the true answer to the original question is a country that’s not actually been mentioned yet – China. GbH on February 26, Diabolo is a chinese art called. It’s developed in taiwan because a lotta people who went to china were good at chinese-yoyo-ing Im surprised finish people like it so much. The Chinese think is true. That trend search only cover countries which use the word “diabolo”.

Don’t want to downplay any eastern cultures, I just can’t understand the language enough to include it on searches. But, they must play and even search more than us. I mean compare the population China something like 1.

By that logic they should have massive amounts of diabolo players. Also British seem to be a lot more active on the board than in the google trends. Seems like there are many really good jugglers in UK. That i know for my experience after meeting some of them. Marko on February 26, I though Djabolo In Tiawan was much more mainstream hobby and theirfore had the biggest number’s.

Shown by the legions of 3D kid’s and great kit. I used to think the mecca was France, when I traveled their several year’s ago their wasn’t tonnes of diabolo but the skill level was high.

Pin by DIABOLO – Fotoservice on MoX Veranstaltungsjournal | Pinterest

I think temperature is definitely a factor so much nicer to go outside for a quick diabolo without risk of catching manflu. I’d love to spend some time In Berlin soaking up the German scene it seem’s great!


Diabolo is actually a “sport” they have at school, that explains the high number of kids with skills. February 25, Logged Rennes July th !

Not even just for fun? Logged Behind your back is your diabklo. February 26, Logged can’t believe its not butter mykill Thanks: I’m just guessing from observation, but because the UK is such a small island to get around on, there’s much more interaction between people than you would have in bigger countries such as the US or Canada. As such, there’s much more opportunity for people to get to conventions. Thus, everyone knows everyone else, no matter what convention you go to here in the UK.

Sean mentioned it earlier in one thread, but it’s sometimes all about seeing someone do a trick right in front of your eyes – since there’s so many instances for this to happen in the UK nearly a convention every couple of weeksyou get a juggling population that’s really mos. They have a great train system and a convention nearly every week – you actually have to pick which convention to go to on some weeks.

And they’re ridiculously skilled, probably because everyone inspires everyone else. There’s a bunch of traffic from Germany on the site as well, so Logged Family Show www.

Quote They have a great train system Duncan: I don’t know what the train situation is like in Dizbolo but the “DB” German Train concern isn’t that great as it might appear as first March 03, If you only count technical players then maybe not. The real “techheads” seem to have greater numbers in Taiwan and Malaysia from the vids at least.

If you just count hobbyists in general and include all those little girls who work for Cirque and the old men in parks then the mailand seems more probable to a greater amount of players. Other Scandinavians are way behind in numbers.