Ley núm. 5, de 21 de enero de , que modifica el Decreto-ley núm. .. Adopción: | Fecha de entrada en vigor: | PRYL- El citado decreto crea el Programa del Censo Nacional de Salud Preventiva, con el . | Date d’entrée en vigueur: | PRYL weekly .. //original/fit_to_size/x/9efd2/?v=1.

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Lays down rules concerning the entitlement to sickness benefit in conjunction with other social security benefits. Act I of These rules made pursuant to the National Provident Fund Act Chapter provide that where an establishment has been exempted from the operation of the Act under Sections 3 or 42 of the Act, the total amount of accumulations standing to the credit of an employee in that establishment shall be transferred to the credit of that employee in the Provident Fund of that establishment.

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Sets forth a list of occupational diseases. It specifies conditions of general social assistance and in relation to means income and wealth.

Also makes provision for self-assessment social security scheme. Decree of 15 May concerning general regulations amending the Sickness Insurance Ordinance “Landsverordening Ziekteverzekering” which was first enacted in Publicatieblad No. Work equipment, installations and outdoor workplaces must be organized to ensure the health and security of workers. Both above Decrees were most recently described in Stb. Transitional and final provisions. Concerns the treatment by medical professionals of persons who are injured, including with respect to priority treatment, hospital care and transfers, and consent.

Posee siete estrategias, que son: 9438 Diseases Quarantine Regulations, No. Decree determining government’s contribution of the obligatory sickness insurance. Amends several sections inter alia relating to the use of work equipment, functions and tasks of the service of occupational medicine, financing of projects on working conditions.


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Provides, inter alia, that the Decree should also be applied by independant workers. Determines the fine in case of neglect or breach of an obligation by the employer. Article 8 derceto the fields of professional activities prohibited for persons with mental health problems.

It provides rules relative to, among other things, prevention and suppression of animal diseases, sewerage and drainage, prevention and destruction of mosquitoes, storage of foodstuffs, the handling of food by diseased persons and control of potable water. As a consequence of the entry into force of the Royal Decree on 1 Januarythe conditions of insurance and exclusion for the Peoples’ Insurances and the Employees’ Insurances for certain groups of persons were amended.

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This Decision, issued by 994338 Committee on Labour and Social Affairs, the Ministry of Public Health and the Central Council of Bulgarian Trade Unions, contains technical and administrative provisions on the furnishing, use and maintenance of helmets, glasses, protective vests, gloves, etc.

It also defines the non-applicability of the period of 10 years to categories of persons, as well as the termination of the insurance. Right to benefits – Aruba Chapter V: Employer’s Liability Act, No. Order of 30 December on the establishment, investigation, registration and accounting of occupational accidents last amended in Maternity dwcreto amounts to per cent of the daily wage.

Purpose is to avoid that persons employed by international organizations be doubly insured under, on the one hand, Dutch popular or employees insurances and, on the other hand, health insurances of the organizations. Law of 30 January amending the Law on the Accessibility to Sickness Cost Insurances in connection with the annulation of the requirement of residence for certain categories of persons, as well as amendments of the rules with regard to the budget and the responsibility vervallen woonplaatsvereiste.


Additional provisions provide a definition of “organic disease of the central nervous system”, “psychic diseases” and “drug addiction”.

Provided that savings-wage are not considered as wage within the meaning of the Sickness Fund Act. Provides for payment of Cess by employers. The method of hearing and processing complaints decreeto clients and patients under medical care is herewith regulated with the protection of the complainant in mind.

The following decrees are amended: Amends provisions relating to minimum security requirements, risk evaluation, workplace signs, plans of action in the event of danger and protective equipments. The Decree repeals the Ordinance on the certification of labour incapability approved with Decree No. Repeals the Workers’ Compensation Act as amended. Its main functions are the control of the respect 999438 provisions on occupational hygiene and safety, the participation to their elaboration, the supervision of creation, modification and decrto of the employment relation, the taking of administrative measures in the event of breach to labour conditions, the control of the machinery and equipment.

An Ordinance further to amend certain laws relating to industrial relations and welfare of workers.