1. Corynebacterium matruchotii Associated with dental disease Kingdom: Bacteria Chromosomes: no data Genome ID: Corynebacterium matruchotii (Mendel) Collins (ATCC® ™). PleomorphismGenome sequencing strain. MoreLess. Pricing. For-Profit: $; Non-Profit. Chemical and phenetic data indicate a close relationship between Bacterionema matruchotii (Mendel) and representatives of the genus Corynebacterium.

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Rassoulian Corynebacferium1 Brad T. The scale for both axes is the Euclidean distance. Application of 16S rRNA gene sequencing to identify Bordetella hinzii as the causative agent of fatal septicemia. Click here to see all. With the exception of one isolate, repeat testing of C.

Information on genomic background e.

Biochemical tests do not readily distinguish C. A survey of the structures of mycolic acids of the genus Corynebacterium and possibly related taxa.

ABIS Encyclopedia

Within isolates from 58 cultures of healthy throats, von Graevenitz et al. Culture purity assessments and morphological dissociation in the pleomorphic microorganism Bacterionema matruchotii. Support Center Support Center. The atypical strain, ATCCwas unique in its failure to reduce nitrate and its production of alkaline phosphatase. During the first 6 months of this study, the three taxa had distinct Gram stain morphologies that showed little variance with time and growth media.

Two primer sets were designed for the amplification of hypervariable region 1 and hypervariable region 2: Harborview Medical Center, Box9th Ave.


Brain heart infusion agar with yeast extract. Information on possible application of the strain and its possible interaction with e. Carlson3 Kathryn A. What are isolation sources categories?

Bacterial associated porcine heterograft heart valve calcification. It is important to note that the diversity found in this study does not affect the conclusions of corynebacteriium studies with C. The Culture Collections hold cell cultures, bacteria, fungi and virus strains from worldwide sources.


This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. Approved lists of bacterial names.

After amplification, mineral oil was removed by the addition of chloroform J. Gilmour MN, Turner G. In contrast to the five C. Silica-induced precipitation of calcium-phosphate in the presence of inhibitors of hydroxyapatite formation. The present study was designed to examine the taxonomic relatedness of commercially available and other reference strains of C. Information on the name and the taxonomic classification.

Two of the five C. The matruchptii between our strains corynebwcterium Riegel’s strains of C. The major fatty acid peaks of the group A true C. Skerman VB, et al.

Corynebacterium matruchotii – Wikipedia

Availability in culture collections Strain availability. The remaining fatty acids detected by the MIDI system not listed are believed to be the products of mycolic acid degradation, which occurs at the high temperature in the system’s injection port The relation between metachromatic granules and intracellular calcification of Bacterionema matruchotii.

The production of pyrrolidonyl arylamidase was the only trait that consistently distinguished C. Krech T, Hollis D G. matrucotii


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Using the in-house peptone water fermentation broth with Andrade indicator that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends for testing coryneforms 18we did repeat tests with mannitol and galactose.

The molecular epidemiology of three biotypes of Corynebacterium diphtheriae in the Seattle outbreak of — Ion-translocating properties of calcifiable proteolipids. Customers located in the state of Hawaii will need to contact the Hawaii Department of Agriculture to determine if an Import Permit is required.

Nevertheless, some of the data we provide about the cultures is supplied by the person depositing the strains and, although we have multiple checking procedures in place, we cannot always verify all their data.

National Cogynebacterium for Biotechnology InformationCorunebacterium. The differences in urease activity and esculin hydrolysis observed between the Rapid CORYNE system and conventional tests might be attributed to the different basal media in these two systems.

Strain ATCC is unique and represents a novel species. External links Search for species Corynebacterium matruchotii in external resources: For confirmation of h results, the carbohydrate reactions in the strip also were read after incubation for 48 h.