Civilizaciones de occidente: introducción a las humanidades. Front Cover. Vicente Reynal. Editorial Playor, QR code for Civilizaciones de occidente . Civilizaciones de occidente: Curso de humanidades. Front Cover. Vicente Reynal. Editorial Plaza Mayor, QR code for Civilizaciones de occidente. Title, Civilizaciones de Occidente. Author, Vicente Reynal. Edition, 3. Publisher, Editorial Plaza Mayor, Incorporated, ISBN, ,

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Search the history of over billion web vicebte on the Internet. There are a number of partial and selective bibliographies in this field; the longest of which has entries.

The present work includes 2, items. The list is arranged alphabetically by author. The indi- dividual works of each author are entered chronologically according to the date of publication. An exception was made in the case of Cervantes whose main entries and editions required special treatment.

All unidentified transla- tions and all abridgments, occixente, and adaptations of Don Quijote are listed in two groups respectively after all identified translations. The Novelas ejemplares are divided in collections and individual novels.

An entry is also made under the author s name when known. The romances are listed under the first word of their first line. Publications containing two or more entries, whether by the same author or not, have their main entry under the editor or translator. Their contents are entered individually under the author with a reference to the number of the main entry. If no date is given, the author is contemporary. The following marks of punctuation are used: One dash indicates the same title as the pre- ceding.

Two dashes indicate the same original title and also the same title of the translation. In the English titles accents have been omitted. The information given with each edition applies only to that edition unless otherwise stated. New titles of the same translations are also given. Titles of periodicals are printed in italics and their place of publications is given only when the periodical is not well known.


The last subdivision of the book is an index of translators. For Sam Buckley at the Dolphin over against St. The original of this work Le chevalier delibere was written in French by Olivier de la Marche and had been translated into Span- ish verse by the Emperor Charles V.

Acuna reworked this translation, and Lewkenor rendered it into English. Steele adapted this play through the French version of Corneille Le Menteur, and like Corneille he ascribed the original to Lope de Vega.

Translation Publish- ing Co. Simon and Schuster, New York: Golden Book, I ; In retnal Little Blue Book vicehte In Re- told in English.

In 59; ; ; In ; ; John Alden, New York: For Thomas Smith, London: This is an abridg- ment of Mabbe s translation. Excerpts in ; In 59; ; Stanford University, Stanford, California: By Wilham Hayly and H. Alsop, Brannan and Alsop, New York: Shepherd and Herbert Ingram Priestley. The Cortes Society, New York: Stratford Journal, I.

Played in New York: Doubleday Page, Garden City: Drama League Series, vol. The Drama, Chi- cago, Feb. The Sunwise Turn Inc. In ; Sidwik and Jackson, London: Poet Lore, XL.

Poet Lore, XLI. Contains all the eight Decades, three translated by Eden, and five by Lock. A Legend of Cordoba Caleb Cushing. Abendarraez and the Fair Sharif a Bartholomew Young.

Abridged by John Shirley. Library of Old Authors. Little- wood Simpkin, Marshall, and Co. From Southey s abridgment. Be- fore ; Thomas Johnson for A. Sixth Book of Amadis.

Chapter 4 of Book One. A Poem Henry George Bor- row. Sing me to Rest Felicia Dorothea Hemans.


Civilizaciones de Occidente Curso de Humanidades, Vicente Reynal. (Paperback )

Waterlow and Sons, London: Philosophical Re- search Society, Reynao Angeles: Promulgated at Cadiz on the 19th of March, Anon. A Spanish Folk-Tale, entitled. Dolphin Book- shop, London: London; ; In Broad and Limpid River George Moir. In ; This is a merger of, and Peters Holy Walls Anon.

This work has been attrib- uted to several authors: Henry Binnemann, Lon- don: Thomas Churchyard for J. After this usually appears with all editions of the first part, A reworking of and Chap- man and Co. Black, London; Macmillan, New York: Mitchell Kennedy, New York: Generally this work is attributed to Juan Lorenzo Segura, of Astorga, although some believe it to be the work of Gonzalo de Berceo.

Grismer and Elizabeth At- kins. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis: Gently Blow John Bowring. First Printed in Spain.

Books by Vicente Reynal

Unfolded, and Condemned Anon. The authorship of this work was in doubt for a long time, however, now Francisco de Moraes is gen- erally accepted as the author. Abridged by Robert Southey.

Brown and Dolan, Dublin and London: This novel and its sequel: Al-de for John Perin, London: Alfonso el Sabio were also used by Southey in mak- ing this translation. Sheldon Rose and Leonard Bacon. University of California, Berkeley: Longmans, Green, New York: The individual Cid ballads have been listed under the first word.

In; The Grabhorn Press, San Francisco: