Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories has ratings and 74 reviews. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ said: Review (just for the title story) first posted on Fanta. Bisson has described “Bears Discover Fire” as being about exactly what the title says. This is not true. The narrator, his brother and his nephew suffer a flat tyre. Bears Discover Fire and Other Stories [Terry Bisson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Bears Discover Fire is the first short story collection .

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One of the roles of speculative fiction is to make us look again at our world disvover re-evaluate what we are doing to it. I was relieved to see that the spare was high enough to drive on. But isn’t that how it is with everything?

Short and overplayed, like the others, but a little sharper and a little nastier, and just a little more satisfying. For example, the title story is just what it sounds likewhat would dsicover out if bears discovered fire.

In fact, he looked worried after we left and I asked him what was wrong. I stirred the ashes and found enough coals to start a new flame, so I banked them back the way they had been left.

Play in new window Download. Innovative and experimental, but not in a way I found at all cire. The brother himself is introduced to us as a preacher, but it turns out he makes two-thirds of his living in real estate.

A large cinnamon brown northern-looking bear was poking the fire with a stick, adding a branch now and then from a pile at his side. The Two Janets Famous authors are moving to a small Kentucky town disckver are seen by the townspeople at various local spots They’re Made Out of Meat A conversation between two extraterrestrials in idscover one tries to convince the other that they’ve discovered a planet with sentient beings made of meat, impossible as that may sound.

You have until tomorrow night. I enjoy reading short stories to find additional books to read by these authors.


Lists with This Book. The stories have their roots in the ordinary world with a little bit of Southern style, like Flannery O’Connor but in every one, some surprising and usually fjre turn is taken.

Review just dsicover the title story first posted on Fantasy Literature.

Bears Discover Fire – Wikipedia

I very much liked djscover narrators, the two men in particular had very distinctive voices that really set the mood for the stories they busson. It brings together nineteen of Bisson’s finest works for the first time in one volume, among them the darkly comic title story, which garnered the field’s highest honors, including the Hugo, Nebula, Theodore Sturgeon, and Locus awards.

I was on the road. A scientist said they were heading into the states where there is some snow but not too much, and where there is enough timber in the medians for firewood.

May 08, LilliBlakk rated it it was amazing. Crossing the shoulder, I got my pants cuffs wet on the long grass, already wet with dew. From the house at night, sometimes the traffic sounds like a waterfall.

Bears Discover Fire – Lightspeed Magazine

fiire Little dramas were being played out as fiery chambers were created and then destroyed in a crashing of sparks. Sep 02, Netanella rated it liked it Shelves: Then we climbed our fence and crossed the field to get a look at the bears.

Next In which a black couple applies for a marriage license and ultimately is sentenced for conspiracy to break the law prohibiting same-race marriage.

He was good at keeping it going at the same level. Median wood has a silvery cast, like driftwood. Wallace was the first to speak. Bears also seemed to have mellowed out and are not a threat to people. They may have felt a touch dated, or may have missed the emotional impact that Bisson tries to set up—The Coon Suit is one example of this.

It seems as it the author couldn’t be beears to fully explore the artistic aspects of these ideas. It looked like there may have been more bksson behind them, in the trees. Sometimes his stories feel like nothing happened in them, but there’s also something interesting in that too. I leaned over to whisper something to Mother and she shook her head.

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Take the story the collection gathers it’s name from, “Be Though the plots and backdrops of his stories range from the fantastic to the straight up bizarre, Bisson has a skill for crafting believable, down to earth characters, avoiding the pitfall many science fiction and fantasy short story writers fall into of making the characters involved almost incidental to the gimmick.

Though they were gathered together, their spirits still seemed solitary, as if each bear was sitting bissno in front of its own fire.

The light was coming from two bears at the edge of the trees, holding torches. Sun Lords of the Principality Series: After we put her in, I put my arms around the boy. The tire had blown out along the sidewall.

Bears Discover Fire

But whereas we were meant to look at Aesop’s animals and laugh at their failings while realising that we share them, Bisson’s bears are in fact on a spiritual plane which may or may not be higher than ours, but is certainly better. Obviously others enjoyed it more: The rest of the stories are a mixed bag from good to okay with a few I just didn’t care for. In northern Virginia, bissln to Good Morning America, the bears were keeping their fires going all day long.

The only trick to mounting a tire by hand, once you have beaten or pried it onto the rim, is setting the bead. Other highlights include dialog-driven battles against ATMs and bureaucracy, the great psycho-sexual Necronauts to be filmed in 3-D by Brian Yuzna’s Komodo films out of Indonesia sometime soontime-traveling art-thieves, diacover, of course, the perennial short-fiction fave “They’re Made Out of Meat.