The existence of both the Slayers d20 as well as the Besm Slayers books has recently been brought to my attention. I was wondering if anyone. Well. Since FFG didn’t get Smuggler’s Run done by the end of October, I s’pose I have to patch the lack of RPG’ey fun with this book, then. Index system Search: Big Eyes, Small Mouth (25 results) Big Eyes, Small Mouth Generic. The Slayers, Guardians of Order, Big Eyes, Small Mouth

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BESM THE SLAYERS NEXT: Anime Roleplaying Rpg Sourcebook – Book #2

Theoretically, a half-demon could have a demon parent, at least in the Slayers D20 understanding of the lore, but the majority of half-demons are either a case of a mortal being possessed by a demon and having the ability to tap into that demon’s inherent power, or else they are sorcerous fusions created to power-up the existing being. Now, this is pretty flavorful, but since the Wizard class in Slayers D20 is still running off a D6 hit dice mechanic, it’s inherently flawed; spells quickly become too taxing on hit points to be worth casting at all, which really messes up the paradigm.

Navigation Main page Recent changes Random page Help. Demons are actually quite popular for this, especially if you’re trying to make a chimera wlayers enhanced spellcasting ability. If you pass the check by 10 points or more, you halve the Drain you suffer. Ironically, she predates many of the cliches of the genre she’s a spot-on parody of.

Her big sister is a famous archmage and hero, and her twitching inferiority complex over being essentially the less-powerful, less-attractive, less-successful version of her beam at the root of many bezm her personal issues. You can actually use the incantation without naming the spell, in which case listeners must make a Spellcraft check to see if they identify it. Shamanism is a form of elementalism that draws its power from five elements; Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit.


What’s a Control Check?

BESM Slayers Try Campaign Book

Water Shamanism can manipulate water or hurl icy blasts, and is useful for countering Fire Shamanism. In the series this is the idiot Gourry, the chimera Zelgadis and the princess Amelia. Possessing authority over the otherwise undetailed underworld of the Slayers dimension, he has the power to raise the dead and slay the living with just a thought. In this 13 episode, the Slayers meet Pokota, a cursed prince who is looking for some way to restore his lost kingdom.

Slayfrs fact, the last two official seasons – Revolution and Evolution-R – are literally the result of taking this to the official level, consisting of only 13 episodes slayets and fitting together as a single meta-season. His ability to kill a man with a thrown acorn is a bit less impressive when his partner’s go-to attack spell is the magical equivalent of a tactical nuke, ya feel me?

Has kind of a thing for Amelia that is a bit more explicit than the other main romantic couple in the series. Beastfolk strains have different ability score modifiers and Favored Classesas described here:.

This role-playing game related article is a stub. Anime role-playing games Canadian role-playing games D20 System Fantasy role-playing games Guardians of Order games Sslayers games based on comics Role-playing games introduced in Slayers Role-playing games based on anime and manga Role-playing game stubs.

The main character is an absurdly overpowered sorceress Lina Inverse and her companions. She charged the Shinzoku with preserving their chosen world, and the Mazoku with destroying it. Banditbut didn’t give them a swim speed. Bem when they succeed at that, it only leads to more problems; it turns out Gaav wanted Lina dead because her personally designed ultimate spell, the Giga Slave, is actually an invocation of the Lord of Nightmares – which means that if Lina ever loses control of it, she will bewm the entire universe!

This requires a new Control Check each round; fortunately, all of the original bonuses the caster benefited from when they first cast the spell still apply to each Control Check they make whilst sustaining a spell. Spirit Shamanism is more commonly referred to as Astral Shamanism, as A: In truth, she doesn’t care which force wins; she just enjoys watching the conflict as a source of amusement from her eternal ennui. This was also capped in that there wasn’t a spells per day system, but instead a caster roll based on the arcana skill.


See, every spell requires slayets certain amount of mana before it can function. Bigger spells need more juice. Holy Magic is the polar opposite of Black Magic, drawing its power from the bsm energies embodied by the Shinzoku.

You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Whilst Mazoku are far more powerful and willful than demons, some mages are strong enough or crazy enough, or stupid enough to use them as power-boosters in chimera slaayers experiments.

The Slayers d20 – Wikipedia

It’s an interesting idea, but, sadly, brsm scourge of Level Adjustment makes it incredibly impractical. Retrieved June 24, Now, a person’s mana “pool capacity” – how much mana they can store at one time – grows with repeated spellcasting, much like how a muscle strengthens with exercise. However, that makes it very subject to nerfing; if the Mazoku you’re blasting is stronger than the Mazoku you’re drawing energy from, then that spell’s not going to do anything. Likewise, spells drawn from a particular Mazoku slxyers do all of jack squat if you cast them on that very same Mazoku.

Again, he’s a sympathetic villain who will stop at nothing to resurrect his dead wife. Vain, arrogant, temperamental, greedy and gluttonous, she mostly travels to gain loot, see new places and make herself famous.