Had it not been the force of mere indignation & power of sheer frustration, I would have not dared to write “Berekete Mergem!” In this poem, I have cursed all. abraham-berekete-mergem. abraham-berekete-mergem. Text; Yigitimgubae. abraham-berekete-mergem. – (A ) A_ _ E * * * * * * A _ . link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. An intro of the Berekete Mergem, the great Ethiopian poet Hailu es-Gemoraw R.I.P (ነብስህን በገነት.

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Those who died include his parents, whose loss touched him most. As a small boy, Hailu was given church education by his father Merigeta Gebre Yohannes, who had the ambition to see his son, young Hailu, become a priest. He has spent lots of his lifetime and energy selflessly working for and denouncing the wanton killings and massacres of innocent Ethiopian citizens left out on the cold, without entering into the issue of ethnicity or ethnic politics.

His poems slowly flow into the reader’s senses giving musical rendition of their own; and instill in the reader’s mind an unforgettable experience. In mids, when he left the central prison in Addis Ababa, Hailu resumed teaching at the Technical High School and later as a language course instructor at the Addis Ababa Teachers Collage.

In Hailu’s view, possibly that is why Ethiopia remains to have several rivalries and foes to this very day.

His literary works are treasures, storing the beauties of Amharic – the Ethiopian National language – not only for the present generation alone, but also for generations yet to come.

But the title of his thesis in itself became a costly venture, which forced him to surrender his entire initial thesis work to the Chinese authorities who felt that his thesis was loaded with political criticism on Chinese literature. The Chinese Embassy denied him entry visa claiming that he is berekege persona-non-grata.

In remembrance of his literary contributions, a get-together feast was organized and held in by a group of Ethiopians living in Sweden. Today, Gemoraw’s contribution to Ethiopian literature takes a big share of the Amharic Literature.

At that time, the Ethiopian University students showed keen interest in reading revolutionary works coming from the Socialist countries and radical university students.


Berekete Mergem

Having read numerous books, Gemoraw acquired lots of knowledge, which enabled him to publish 30 works out of over a hundred manuscripts, some of which are bound and ready for publication.

Believing that education is the only instrument to emancipate most uneducated Ethiopians from the bondage of ignorance, Hailu decided to become a teacher for the rest of his lifetime. That occasion was accompanied by a large book exhibition of Hailu’s lifetime work. But the Swedish government denied him the right for an asylum claiming that there is no more any threatening cause for Hailu if he returns home to Ethiopia.

Hailu’s books of poetry, fables, play stories, history, philosophy, development and various other subjects which he single-handedly prepared, were widely read by thousands of Ethiopians both at home and elsewhere in Diaspora. At this juncture, it is too early to state any thing about the outcome of this attempt. October 31, Tadesse Zerihun Ph. That is why life goes way and life goes on in a turbulent, boiling, bubbling Ethiopian environ. Through numerous writings and famous poetic works, this living legend, Novelist, Poet Hailu Gebre Yohannes has already won the minds, taken the souls and stolen the hearts of numerous Ethiopians.

Likewise, death is surrounded by lots of creatures, each carrying a momentary life, which will be dispossessed by it at any time. In addition to his own original writings, he has also translated and presented the works of some of the Chinese greatest authors in an appealing and readable style.

The s were a decade of radical student movements, not only in Berekeete alone, but also in the rest of the Western World. Thus he had to move between his parent’s home and jail several times. The sophistication he adds on his paintings, the pictures he takes and the songs he composes are all amazing and amusing to those of us who happen to know Hailu a bit closer.

Thus, during his initial exposure of his literary work at Addis Ababa University, Hailu wrote a poem that appeared on a famous campus contest entitled SEOL, literally meaning: Groomed in green, yellow and red colors of his national symbol, this fellow called Gemoraw by most students of the s, started to live for Ethiopia and write about her to his fellow Ethiopians of the current and the distant future.


Gemoraw on Gemoraw: Why I Write? The Basic Motive of My Literary Work

Unique enough, Hailu’s three dimensional dictum writing style follows strict rhyming and writing schemes that read smooth but unique in their own ways. Thus he leads an unsettled and a turbulent life of a lonely lion.

He is the man behind the fine tones of church, radical and cultural songs that we hear him sing from time to time either alone or in-groups. To add insult to injury, the Norwegian government deprived of Hailu’s residence and work permit claiming that Hailu had lived long away from Norway, without reporting to the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. His depth of knowledge and interest in geophysics dealing with the internal parts of the Earth as well as his ability of putting terms in a triangular meaningful dimensions are all amazing.

Hailu still remains on the move trying to secure residence and work permit elsewhere. His artistic talent of capturing the characteristics of humanity as well as the fauna and flora out in nature, through a three dimensional interpretable penmanship enables literature lovers to recognize man’s linkage to nature and the dynamic episodes taking place in the wombs of Mother Earth.

He was thus, asked to leave China immediately. Thus, to Hailu, life is surrounded by lots of potential causes for an actual death. This work remains to be popular among students majoring or studying Amharic.

Berekete Mergem | የግጥም ጉባዔ

Shortly after, he was given a scholarship to study Chinese Literature at the University of Beijing in China. Apart from this, in his spare time he produced fresh writings in Amharic and even tried to reproduce some of his hand written old works, which the Ethiopian police authorities in Addis Ababa confiscated when he went to prison.

Hailu has been fighting against all odds, atrocities and mediocre berekte in clandestine organizations in all the continents of bedekete globe.