I am thinking of making a Quenya course for English speakers. Although it’ll take me a while to consider the benefits and disadvantages, I have a pretty good. QUENYA Una mujer se paró enfrente de Esbelia. –¡Quiubo, mami! Esbelia – Mucho gusto, repitió Quenya. De modo que Suleica debería aprender de mí.

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For a few of Salo’s book on Sindarin, see https: It aprenrer difficult to interpret Quenya because it was always a work in progress. I really wish Duolingo would remove it from the application drop-down to avoid confusion because you’re not the first person to make that mistake and think that aprendder Sindarin course is actually under development.

I would even help develop the LOTR languages when they start being made. I posted in this thread before that I would consider applying as a contributor after I had studied the language a bit more.

It’s actually even a bit more complicated than that though. Mellonath Daeron – the Language Guild of the Forodrim.

Arender is however less consonantal than any of the three. Also see the German Quenya coursetranslated by Brigitte Rassbach. Despite my top comment where I provide several reasons why I do not think Duolingo is an appropriate venue to study these languages, people still comment on here hoping the course will happen, clearly not having read my comment or having studied the language at all to understand its history and purpose.

Sprender Eldalamberon is the other major journal about Tolkein’s languages and is also very good, although the website is frustratingly terrible and out of date. Given the layers of development in Tolkien’s ideas and within the internal history, it seems like the approach most true to his work is in written compositions that pay attention to those contexts. Anyway, it’s not like the course would hurt anyone. If Klingon qenya on here, then Quenya, Dothraki, Sindarin, etc I get so many notifications of people just commenting, “Cool, when will it be available?


Anyways, please let me know if you’d like this course, or aprendef you too speak Quenya. Aprenser, it galls me to see a Game of Thrones language available and not a LotR language. Sorry to break your wish, but you simply can’t ‘speak’ Quenya, sindarin, or any other of Tolkien’s languages.

Gand 18 18 11 apfender I know of a few ‘elvish’ based on quenya with a more functional vocabulary, but those use both simplified grammar and the words don’t achive the same flow as quenya have. Although none of it’s “game-ified” aprendeg as easy to use as Duolingo is! Nothing wrong with made up languages, provided they are not the only one you learn and that is only an opinion.

I have been kind of looking at a few phrases of quenya, but I haven’t been able to actually study it. I still think it would be amazing but I am not sure that I trust myself with the burden. When I saw that Klingon and High Valeryian were becoming available I was excited but also disappointed that Quenya hadn’t made the cut yet.

MichaelWar 25 17 9 8 5 5 3.

Tengwar Quenya Mode Quick Guide | Geeky Stuff in | Pinterest | Tolkien, Elvish and Alphabet

I have used Ruth Noel’s book; maybe the best thing a;render this thread is the links Eard and others provided to Elvish websites where I can explore further. Quenya has not only internal history of its development from ancient elven roots but also the external history of Tolkien’s creation of the language and Tolkien changed his mind constantly about certain points of grammar. I know there are some courses also available on the internet 20 years ago even I had a webpage where we had some basicsbut a Duo course is a Duo course – best way to learn.

Polish – all the original Ardalambion articles translated by Gwidon S. It requires a much more involved study of the history and development of the language over time. Take two aprenrer the most popular, for example: I guess it would be wonderful to aprendee a Quenya course, I could never motivate myself to learn the language, even though I love Tolkien’s books.


It changed a lot. Here you will also find analyses of the Elvish dialogue heard in the Peter Jackson movie. TheSpeakingEagle Plus 14 14 10 9 9 6 5 4 3 2 2. Just another example of how we don’t have a good grasp on how those languages really work; the source material is just too incomplete and contradictory. Didn’t know, and even wouldn’t expect that Klingon and Quenyq are so much in a quuenya state.

Anyway, here are some translations that have been made: It would be great if the ones who created those resources could make conventions and create the course with that, still difficult, that’s why we get High Valyrian instead. Sindarin or Grey-elven, the Celtic-style language of Tolkien’s mythos, was very often revised by the Professor: I am thinking of making a Quenya course for Aprendeg speakers.

Como se diz (…) em Quenya?

I have invariably granted permission for such translations to be made, as long as I am recognized as the author. I fear that if such a course were made, though, it would actually necessarily be a form of Neo-Sindarin. I also found this source for the language’s grammar. Czech – selected articles translated by Frantisek Spoutil.

The Council of Elrond also a Quenya course but unfortunately it’s surface-level and more simple than Arda’s. In the pre-LotR period, it wasn’t even called Sindarin, but “Noldorin”! For some reason i couldnt reply to your newest comment.

It would be very interesting to see a Quenya course added.