“Excellent an arresting account of the whole war on Crete, including the ghastly experiences of the Cretans under German occupation” John Keegan in The. The bestselling author of The Battle of Arnhem and D-Day vividly reconstructs the epic WWII struggle for Crete – reissued with a new introduction. Crete has ratings and 65 reviews. Czarny said: This is a very good book and one that is great pleasure to read. It is not however a masterpiece on th.

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The Soldiers’ Story lays bare the absolute terror of those trapped in the frontline of Operation Overlord. On the 22nd Allied disasters on land and sea completely turned the advantage to the Germans and it started to unravel for the Allies and by the end of the month a full blown evacuation was nearing completion.

The author dissects the leadership of both sides illuminating their achievements and follies. For anybody looking bedvor read about the Crete Campaign, this book is ideal and is recommended for its concise and engaging manner.

There are many tales of “derring-do” involving British toffs and scholars, which were undoubtedly of very little military significance, but because many of those involved were writers, achieved more post-war coverage than they truly deserved.

Crete: The Battle and the Resistance – Antony Beevor

The war isn’t going to plan. Bradley knew perfectly well that, as he said, if you antoy a moral obligation to rescue paratroop troops on the ground that messes up all of your strategy. Rogue Lawyer Zntony Grisham. Investigative journalist Simon Parkin brings these hidden figures into the light in this gripping tale of war beefor sea.

Jun 24, Pages. But Beevor has difficulty maintaining his trademark readability in the face of a plethora of important historical figures, and the complex web of minor anhony and political intrigue that marked the resistance movement. What followed was one of the most horrific sieges in history.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. It is drawn in its entirety from the raw, unvarnished experiences of those who were there. A new biography of Samuel Taylor Coleridge, shaped and structured around the story he himself tells in his most famous poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’.

Crege use of golfing and shooting metaphors by British officers for example: In this rich new biography, academic, priest and poet Malcolm Guite draws out how with an uncanny clarity, image after image and event after event in the poem became emblems of what Coleridge was later to suffer and discover. It should have been the first German defeat of the war when a fatal misunderstanding turned the battle around.


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Some great anecdotes — well not if you hail from old ‘Vorwarts’ Blucher’s family as all three of his descendants, all brothers, who parachuted into Crete died on the same day. Beevor’s account is excellent: I’ve read other books by and remember them as being more thorough and cohesive.

Crete: The Battle And The Resistance by Antony Beevor

And from behind the curtain steps a fresh-faced seventeen-year-old woman. Though the ‘Mariner’ was written in when Coleridge was only twenty-five, it was an astonishingly prescient poem. Why did the spread their forces around three major objectives instead of concentrating on one. In the resistance phase a number of civilians are discussed quite well.

If Allied forces succeeded in gaining a foothold in northern France, the road to victory would be open. Waiting and not taking the right decisions in war can lead to disaster. Little did they know that the British, using Ultra intercepts, had already laid a careful trap. Finland Werner Soderstrom Osakeyhtio. A gripping tour de force’ Damien LewisAlmost seventy-five years have passed since D-Day, the day of the greatest seaborne invasion in history.

Beevor lists some of the accomplishment the XI Flieger Corps of the first two years of the war that sparked over confidence in Student. In fact, these were just actually reinforcements in some Kayaks which were being brought in, not an amphibious invasion. Their authentic human story – Allied, German, French – has never fully been told.

What I didn’t know much about, was the lead up to the Battle of Crete, how the conflict played out, and a more detached perspective on the occupation.

Antony Beevor’s fans will not be disappointed by this admirable book nor will those simply interested in a solid work on the battle of Crete. She settled in Suffolk where she wrote and entertained friends, but her turbulent love life was not over yet. He gives first hand accounts, sometimes very funny, of the fighting, and also about the immense sacrifices of the Cretians themselves, and the great resistance they put up, and courage in sheltering Allied soldiers. Two bombs fell in sequence, one destroying a gun turret and the other breaking right through to explode in the canteen packed with troops.


A worthwhile read of what was largely a sideshow in a larger struggle Paperbackpages. But for the first time in the war, Hitler did not prevail. She had to turn in to try and beach on Crete. Organized into three sections looking at preparation, the conventional fight, and the resistance post-British withdrawal.

A prominent judge, strangled and left dangling, could bring her whole life to ruin and she didn’t haul herself off the streets, up through low dirty houses of pleasure and violent vicious men – to let that come to pass.

Yet the image of a sophisticated woman hid a romantic innocence which clouded her emotional judgement. But if the Allies could be driven back into the sea, the invasion would be stalled for years, perhaps forever. The search for the killers will take Jean back into her own dark past as she uncovers a web of political and sexual corruption in the high reaches of the Edinburgh establishment. But the poem also offers hope, release, and recovery; and Guite also draws out the continuing relevance of Coleridge’s life and writing to our own time.

His unerring flair for the climate and the feel of the conflict.

Crtee the military architects at Supreme Headquarters to the young schoolboy in the Wehrmacht’s bunkers, D-Day: On the 5th Marchfollowing its successful maiden flight, a legend was born. This book is far more than just a military account, it is a fascinating story of uncommon characters living at the limits of courage.

Crete 1941

Oct 05, Michael Kelly rated it really liked it. Nov 08, Psychophant rated it did not like it Shelves: When the German High Command encircled Leningrad it was a deliberate policy to eradicate the city’s civilian population by starving them to death. P John Murray Press.