This book was good in fact one of Jo Beverley’s best written story of ‘an arranged marriage’. Though I did not care for Lucian hitting Beth, I did understand were. New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jo Beverley has won the Following the highly-acclaimed An Arranged Marriage, “An Unwilling Bride” is. Read β€œAn Unwilling Bride (The Company of Rogues Series, Book 2)” by Jo Beverley online on Bookmate – The Duchess of Belcraven committed a folly, and .

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What Readers Are Saying What do you think? An edition of this book was published by Recorded Books. Then the two older boys drowned, leaving disaster. There’s a couple explicit sex scenes, but one is with the mistress, Blanche. Romantic Sounds Audio [titles S-Z]. They are so very different and it doesn’t get just brushed under the rug once she is brought into the hero’s world.

At this point, he may not expect her to recognize the quote, but he himself is certainly clear on the context. And the thing is, it never really gets pretty and takes a long time to even get bearable for them.

Content with her independent life as a teacher, free from the bonds of matrimony, Beth Armitage suddenly finds herself trapped in a betrothal to the rakish Lucien de Vaux, Marquess of Arden, who must marry to secure his inheritance. The other thing that I found objectionable was that the heroine eventually became best friends with the H’s former mistress!

An Unwilling Bride – Jo Beverley – Google Books

He regretted parting with her because he was getting married, but she was smart, emotionally controlled, and practical, even when things got kind of hairy in her life. In romance, I like to see a couple fall uneilling love emotionally. The couple plot stupidities and the ludicrous final adventure dropped me from charity enough to put this in the two-star “it’s okay” final category.

It’s an interesting story with well shaped but flawed characters. She moves into the Belcraven home and finds her new life oppressive. Not only does she inherit a dukedom, a father that loves her, and a stepmom that doesn’t seem to mind that well, you know, she’s a bastard, AND a super handsome hubby who Beverlej to make things work.


Only a third son, however, so all was patched over.

An Unwilling Bride (The Company of Rogues Series, Book 2)

Account Options Sign in. Things are said and taken not in the intended way all the time. I understand that the Duke threatened her livelihood and her friends, but I also wonder at her not thinking of any alternatives, including running away she could always have changed her name and worked as a governess in the country, or attempted to leave for Canada or causing a scandal if the Duke didn’t leave her alone.

Oh, and while I didn’t have a problem with the weird feminist break in this novel, Beverley made some odd choices here that may cause others problems. Lucien, now the arrogant ducal heir, is devastated to learn he is not his father’s child and that the only way to his fortune is through his unwilling bride: Instead the first half of the book is a boring slog of social engagements and Beth being too sensible and intelligent to care about jewels or gowns a touch of the Not Like Other Girls Syndrome, methinks and the last third of the book a constant thrill ride.

An Unwilling Bride

I think Beverly tried to show that it wouldn’t happen again, by re-creating the circumstance and not having it happen, but I was still jumpy and suspicious about the future. He leido muchos libros de esta autora pero este podia haberselo ahorrado The heroine was more of a caricature than an actual character.

Beth Armitage is content with her life as a teacher in a school in Regency England, but then she is compelled to marry the heir ot a dukedom to suit the duke’s dynastic plans. Company of Rogues Series reader completists. Of course the Company of Rogues were a lot of fun and they’re banter was very entertaining. I caught a couple of typos e.

Is there any common ground at all?

An Unwilling Bride by Jo Beverley β€” All About Romance

View all 4 comments. Katherine Kingsley Call Down the Moon. He was to be disappointed. She lied to him, inwilling him think she had had many lovers and that his touch bored her. The review of this Book prepared by Jo Beverley. Part of the problem, I realized at some point, was I never felt persuaded that despite the clashes that there was any hidden attraction, or any secret pining, or something to indicate that they even liked each other.


Beth may briefly admit she will a fear blows from her husband from now on, but the focus is on how she sensibly accepts it and he regrets it – just as hypocritical of the writer as having Lucien threaten unwwilling bruise her repeatedly right up to the wedding, and then suddenly say he could never force a woman and be “gentle”.

I had only minor issues with the plot, such as it was. There were a lot of things I liked about this book, but one major thing I didn’t. Your use of the site and services is subject to these policies and terms.

No disappointed this book has such high ratings. So invoking feminist principles anachronistically works against specific events in the book in a way that will cause an emotional backlash from those engaged in those modern principles. Unwillinb and try again. He didn’t know that she, with her fiery independence and sharp intellect, was what he needed in his life, and she didn’t know she even wanted him, with his aggressive alpha shtick and confident charm, in her life.

Just ok, not emotionally entertaining enough. You know, it wouldn’t am proper to offend the duke and that idiot of wife of his. Also promising is the fact that both protagonists are clever, educated unwillnig, though he has taken pains to hide this since his school days. The subplot with Clarissa and Deveril was fine, although I would have preferred Clarissa’s entrance earlier on in the book.

I actually liked her and liked where the relationships ended up. If disaster had overtaken the house of de Vaux, would he fall along with the rest? He did apologize and he does feel awful about it, and I do believe that he won’t do it again.