Algorithmische Graphentheorie [Volker Turau] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Algorithmische Graphentheorie 2.A. (pp. I–XIII). fm. Book DOI: Online ISBN. Algorithmische Graphentheorie. Authors: Läuchli. Buy this book. eBook 39,99 €. price for Italia (gross). Buy eBook. ISBN ; Digitally.

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Algorithmische Graphentheorie (German, Electronic book text, 2nd Uberarbeitete Auflage ed.)

Students of other degrees can participate in this module without capacity testing. Display language German English.

Algorithmische Graphentheorie Algorithmic Graph Theory. Many real world computational problems can be modeled as graph theoretical problems. In this course we will present lagorithmische concepts and methods for solving various types of graph theoretical problems, including colouring problems, matchings, various types of cut and connectivity problems.

In the basic algorithms and data structures course efficient polynomial time algorithms for network flow and other problems have been studied. In this course we will cover additional types of problems that can be solved efficiently such as computing maximal matchings. We will also study NP-hard problems and discuss various attempts of solving these problems efficiently, e.


Algorithmische Graphentheorie

Besides the algorithmic techniques, the course will also focus on the pure graph theoretical methods that make efficient algorithmic solutions possible. In the course we will cover the following topics: All Courses are mandatory.

Workload and Credit Points. The Workload of the module sums up to Therefor the module contains 6 Credits. Description of Teaching and Learning Methods. The course consists of a lecture delivered in an interactive style using black board proofs and slides.

Requirements for participation and examination.

Desirable prerequisites for participation in the courses: It is desirable that students taking the course have taken an algotithmische to graph theory. The course is mostly self-contained, though, but assumes some familiarity with graph theoretical medthods.

Algorithmische Graphentheorie

Mandatory requirements for the module test application: Maximum Number of Participants. Recommended reading, Lecture notes.

Electronical lecture notes Availability: Literature Recommended literature No recommended alglrithmische given. This module is used in the following modulelists: No recommended literature given.