Aleksander Peczenik – – Artificial Intelligence and Law 4 () details Aleksander Peczenik – – Law and Philosophy 4 (2) – details. List of computer science publications by Aleksander Peczenik. Aleksander Peczenik: Jumps and Logic in the Law|What Can One Expect from. The basis of legal justification [Aleksander Peczenik] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Its theories are linked to overarching moral theories. Sign in Create an account. The Authority of Law: Using PhilPapers from home? A Defence of the Original View. Though sometimes restricted to a given state, theories of legal doctrine display relevant similarities to corresponding theories in other states. Weighing of principles plays a great aleksaneer in legal argumentation, inter alia in statutory interpretation. Moral Justification in Meta-Ethics. Barbara Baum Levenbook – – Law and Philosophy 3 3: Informal Logic in Logic and Philosophy of Logic.

The Basis of Legal Justification

Aleksander Peczenik – – Ratio Juris 1 2: The vagueness of legal doctrine can be construed as defeasibility. The argumentation used to achieve coherence involves not only description and logic but also evaluative steps. Essays on Legal Positivism.


How many statements belonging to the justification are supported by reasons, that is, not arbitrary? A weighing and balancing of principles and other prima facie reasons is a jump. There exist various juristic roles and corresponding types of argumentation, e. Defeasibility is inevitable in the law and in human thinking in general.

Peter Goodrich – – Blackwell. This entry has no external links. It seems impossible to make logical reconstruction of the totality of legal argumentation.

Giovanni Sartor – – Ratio Juris 7 2: Mastering Legal Analysis and Communication. Request removal from index.

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A reasonable legal argumentation is a special case of a reasonable moral argumentation. Formalism about Legal Reasoning in Philosophy of Law. Legal Reasoning and Legal Theory Revisited.

To deal with defeasibility and weighing, a jurist needs both the belief-revision logic and the nonmonotonic logic.

Aleksander Peczenik, The Basis of Legal Justification – PhilPapers

However, legal dogmatics has been a target of several kinds of criticism: Aleksander Peczenik – – Argumentation 9 5: Philosophy of Law categorize this paper. Social and Political Philosophy. Direct download 3 more.


But the more far-reaching the extension is, the greater problems it meets.

Works by Aleksander Peczenik – PhilPapers

Feminism, Law, and Bioethics. Liberal ontology, admitting such entities as morally justified law, is possible as well. Choose how you want to monitor it: Nature of Law, Misc in Philosophy of Law. Nonmonotonic Logic in Logic and Philosophy of Logic. Mauro Zamboni – unknown. From the Publisher via CrossRef no proxy doi. Sign in Create an account. Science Logic and Mathematics.