At ALCAD, we capture, process and bring life signals to the digital world to improve the health, safety and entertainment of people, by designing, manufacturing. MODEL. RETURN FILTER. TV FILTER. CF 5 – 30 MHz. 47 – MHz. IF FILTER. – MHz. CF 5 – 65 MHz. 86 – MHz. The CF broadband head-end amplifier has multiple inputs and different band Output Level (IMD3 dB). dBμV. Output Level (IMD2 dB). dBμV.

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Filtering and frequency conversion by means of surface acous- 9 tic wave filter SAW. Needs LA, pin flat cable adaptor, not included.

Recommended equipment for installations in apartment buildings with a great number 6 of channels. The equipment filters channels with high selectivity, regulates the channel level and, if necessary, converts the frequency. The distribution is made in a tree-shape using tap-offs. Characteristics FM Robust antenna with great resistance to both sun and saltpetre. Supplied for all the standards and tables of channels. They distribute all the input signal in equal parts among their outputs.

For the installation of equipment comprising a power supply unit, amplifier and 10 modules or power supply unit and 11 modules. Characteristics The main advantage of this equipment is the modulation in vestigial side band VSB by means of surface acoustic wave filtering SAWwhich makes it possible to work with adjacent channels.

Your consent to our cookies if you continue to use this website. The input and output channel should be specified in the order after having checked in the possible conversion tables supplied by Alcad or in www.

These installations commonly have long runs of cable which attenuate and unbalance the signal. The following table allows you to determine the maximum output level with a specific number of channels starting with the maximum output level according to the most frequently used methods of measurement.


It allows distribution of FM and DAB radio and of television signals to be combined using a single piece of equipment.

alcad cf |

Consisting of a power supply unit, and amplifier and up to 8 receivers, which are mounted on a support frame. Other combinations include 2 power supply unitsan amplifier and 8 modules, or 2 power supply units and 9 modules. The levels are indicated on the weakest outlets. The environmental temperature is the temperature of the air at a distance of more than 1m from the equipment or from the cabinet in which the equipment is installed.

The audio input can be mono, stereo or dual by selecting the audio mode of the modulator by means of the programmer. Modulators for domestic installations.

They distribute part of the input signal to their tap outputs while the main alcae of the signal continues to the output. The risks of transport and problems that could occur during transportation will be at the expense of the client, even alxad the goods are shipped free delivered.

High gain and output level. Zamak F-type connectors which form part of splitter chassis. Ring-headed expanding bolts are used to secure them to the floor or roof.

It has 4 fixing drills with a distance between axis by mm. Especially appropriate for bouquets which have all their transponders in a singe polarity.

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The accessories for fixing the antenna are made of galvanised iron. Made from ABS plastic, with a metal plate internal chassis which gives maximum shielding.

The channels with higher frequencies attenuate more. A model number will be given to each special module for each country or area. Areas where reception is difficult, with large differences in level between channels. Supplied in an individual pack.


The AS model has two couplers on one chassis. Suitable also for installations in which it is necessary to convert the frequency of 7 the digital channels. TV standard tables and identification of channels. Installation of a mast on a railing 6 7 8 MT 9 BB BB The mast can be fixed to the vertical tube of a railing by means of two double clamps.

Built on a compact chassis, they are capable of supplying a signal to a large number of outlets. They incorporate a DC path to permit the feeding of a preamplifier. Applications MATV installations where it is necessary to generate an analogue TV channel with stereo or dual sound from the audio and video signal from an equipment that has mono, stereo or dual sound.

Supplied in a m coil. Applications Large, digital and qlcad terrestrial MATV installations where adjacent analogue or apcad channels exist. The signal obtained at each output can be distributedt on one or several TV outlets. AL 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 The AL power supply unit included in the kits is not sold separately.

It is also used to splice two coaxial cables with female IEC connectors. Female input and output F connectors. The generated channel is mixed with the rest of the channels of the TV installation. Characteristics GA The electrical characteristics of the antennas in a multiple pack — pre-mounted or dismounted — are identical to those of equivalent models.

This 1112 enables standard electrical boxes with DIN rail to be used for the TV connections panel. Modulation in DSB double side band.