40k, Adeptus Astartes, Battlefleet Gothic, Black Flame, Black Library, the Black Library logo, BL Publishing, Blood Angels, Bloodquest, Blood Bowl, the Blood. Already up for Pre-orders, we have learned that Clan Raukaan, a Space Marine codex supplement will feature easier access to dreadnoughts. Clan Raukaan: Part 1 – The Lore (Warhammer 40, Codex .. I love the narrative/fluff of the 40k universe but have seen way too much.

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That would prove a load of horrible problems later on, only to reach its conclusion during the Gaudinian Heresy.

It was all done in such a way that many in the council accused him of not doing it out of standard cold logic and pragmatism, but personal feelings and a hidden agenda. This is all part of an undoubtedly Freudian complex brought about by the loss of their primarch during the Drop Site Massacre on Isstvan V. Interesting, it would seem GW is dealing with not knowing what to do with them by portraying the Chapter as full of contradictions, such as despite the clans being autonomous they do act like Codex companies.

The Emperor’s Children were only on Gaudinia Prime, and to the Iron Hands’ surprise, there was absolutely nobody on the planet and even the Chaos Marines were not around. Ads by Project Wonderful! Please explain how nothing major was changed. The Iron Hands are the best examples of humans during grief. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. In that moment the Iron Hands exploded with emotions that they repressed for ten thousand years.

Medusa was invaded twice, first by a large tank division of Traitor Guardsmen and later by a coalition of Nurgle-worshipping Chaos Astartes. Which is a bit unnatural for 40k, honestly, and just shows how few fucks these guys have to give. Robin Cruddace realized how stupid it was for a chapter with close ties to the Ad-mech to not have a lot of gear; they’re now loaded with tanks, aircraft, and dreadnoughts.

Clan Raukaan Clan Banner.png

The Kristosians took the whole thing with the Tempering literally as in completely cutting off their emotions and replacing them with cold logicand this obsession with purging themselves of their emotions, a core tenet of theirs, was what would be the chapter’s undoing. He activated his vox and barked orders to the marines to deactivate their emotion inhibitors. This could mean they are more apt at fighting the minions of She Who Thirsts, but there is, as all things Iron Hands related, not much to elaborate on this except they are getting rakaan done.


Of course, the chapter decided to blame everyone, especially the legion whose primarch shortened Ferrus Manus by a head at neck level. In a emergency session the council blabbled and argued about how the chapter should function.

Image – Clan Raukaan Clan | Warhammer 40k | FANDOM powered by Wikia

I raised some of these points on GWs Facebook page when it had one however even though I was faultlessly polite my comments were deleted without answer and I was blocked from the page. The narrator in the second refers to his multiple deaths. Hopefully the powers that be will get enough negative feedback about this style of codex that they’ll rethink Despite the extreme levels of heresyeveryone kept a level head and remained civil.

I love me the idea of some cyborg space marines I mean Mech, nor were were any Ad. When something major happens that affects the whole chapter, the council elects one of their members best suited for their current state. The Gaudinian Heresy wasn’t an immediate character development.

Clan Raukaan SP.png

It would be a long and difficult period for the sons of the Gorgon, but it was indeed a new beginning for the chapter. Check out the directory 4k0 for even more awesome Warhammer Communities, Join the Discord! There are also rumours that dead warriors are instead replaced with automatons rather then new Neophytes. However veterans are often given suits of Terminator armour and placed in charge of leading squads, called “Klaven”, of Tactical Marines, who see the suits giant pauldrons as inspirational.

Bellarius 11 April at The only chapter who has it worse are the Raven Guardbarring Kayvaan Shrike.

Thank you for pointing out that error, i’m honestly not sure how I managed to do that. Assign your post flair to the relevant game system or content. As the Iron Council debates, Stronos leads the chapter from one battle to another on its road to redemption Then again, they also believe that replacing their dicks with drills is the best fucking idea in the world, so I suppose your mileage may vary.

Raising questions about whether this means machines are weaker than flesh earns a battle-brother one hundred days of penitential duties. Raukaan skips it entirely, instead introducing the Gaudinian Heresy see above.

They feel so horribly, bitterly afraid to fail again, that they take every precaution against failure. It’s also deeply suspicious that for a Chapter which must absolutely revere their Apothecaries, potentially folding them into their Techmarines like Space Wolves and Blood Angels do with their Chaplains, since they’d be the ones in charge of installing new cybernetics, their fluff consistently yammers on about their Techmarines and just doesn’t discuss their Apothecaries at any great length.


Making him more of a Chapter President really with checks and balances, the chapter master checks the council from getting caught up in red tape and the council makes sure he doesn’t lead the chapter astray. Yet the council saw the Imperium plunging into darkness and their former allies falling to madness and corruption. If the Inquisition knew what happened to them, then the consequences would’ve been fatal for the sons of Manus.

They feel horrible shame as a result of their Primarch’s death, and so act like, and actually are, machines in order to not repeat an error they saw in themselves. Rather than let the emotions get the better of him, like Manus or Meduson, or supress it and completely replace it with logic, just as with Kristos, he realized that the Iron Hands must strive for a balance between the two.

Views Read Edit View history. The Clan Company assists in repairs to the Land-Behemoth which serves as the Clan’s mobile fortress-monastery. They fucked up the whole lore too. That part has been corrected to properly address the issues found in that sequence. After wiping out the chaos forces, the remaining Iron Hands, disgusted and horrified with what they experienced, skedaddled back to their fleet and blew the factoria to kingdom come in order to wipe out any survivors left.

It was so powerful even Khorne felt it at the back of his skull, and was a really stupid move as daemons are supposed to be powered by raw emotion, and this should have made them a lot harder to kill or maybe not, since repressed emotions tend to grow more powerful even as they fade into the subconscious, there is such a thing as an emotion you can’t feel.

Events Trial of Warlords Rules: Even though I haven’t purchased the supplement I’m still debating if I shouldI have to say I can’t disagree with you.